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Editorial independency is the core of the commitment we maintain with the Reader and that marks our mission in contributing to the development of a fairer and happier Brazil.
Caco Alzugaray, CEO of Editora Três


STATUS, be part of the exclusive club of Status Magazine.

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Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 9.669
Copies: 22.679

Status is a men's magazine that mixes boldness and intelligence. In the second phase of its history, the magazine keeps the pioneering that made it the monthly best in the country, with a unique retelling of modern man universe.

Bring photographic essays of the highest level (nude pictured under a erotic mature view, full of stories, a fable about female beauty).

It also addresses about other topics such as entertainment, food, behavior, fashion, sport and sensuality, with quality made ??by those who understand the subject.

Status, belonging to the exclusive club of those who have status.

Available on print, web and tablet platforms.