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Editorial independency is the core of the commitment we maintain with the Reader and that marks our mission in contributing to the development of a fairer and happier Brazil.
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The most independent weekly magazine of general interest in Brazil.

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ISTOÉ Magazine

The pioneerism, modernity and daring of ISTOÉ, made the publication a school of journalism that has revealed several talented professionals through time and counted on the signature of reporters, cartoonists, and collaborators. Among these are: Élio Gaspari, Millôr Fernandes, Ênio Mainardi, Luís Fernando Veríssimo, Henfil, Woody Allen and many others who are part of the history of jounalism. Today the magazine counts on names that are reference in the area such as: Marcelo Tas, Miguel Falabella, Gisele Vitória, Leonardo Attuch, Paulo Lima, Zeca Baleiro, Ricardo Amorim and Ricardo Boechat.

ISTOÉ is consolidated as one of the most influential means in the country. It was the protagonist of the most important political and social facts and participated significantly in the redemocratization of Brazil.

Independence, a distinctive characteristic of ISTOÉ, is part of its editorial line which is never attached to political or economic groups. As a result, it has collected along the years a succession of scoops and the recognition of its editorial quality through several awards, either granted or achieved by its professionals.

ISTOÉ practices a critical, plural and democratic journalism committed only to its readers. Thus, it invests all its investigative effort on leading the readers through the veracity of facts along with precise and independent information.

Available on print, web and tablet platforms.

The only weekly magazine of economy, business and finances in Brazil.

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The greatest differential of ISTOÉ DINHEIRO is the harmony between the depth of economic analysis and the pleasant and accessible format. The diversified audience points out the success of the editorial line which pleases not only business people and economists, but also a large number of college students, professionals of all areas and readers who are not used to the jargon of the financial and corporate world.

ISTOÉ DINHEIRO has an innovative vocation and does not stop revolutionizing the economic journalism. Along the years it has incorporated to its content new areas of coverage with columns and sections turned to specific segments, being the first magazine of economy and finances to publish a section of Style specialized in news on personalities and companies of the luxury market.

Available on print, web, tablet and mobile platforms.

The Best of Dinheiro

ISTOÉ DINHEIRO publishes an yearly edition with the most approaching company ranking of Brazil, with the 500 most important companies in the country, in varied sectors. The ranking has a remarkable credibility in the Brazilian market and generates great visibility for the awarded companies. The corporation that obtains the best score in all analyzed fields will be granted the most important prize: Company Of The Year.

THE BEST OF DINHEIRO honors the winners in a celebration event for business people and authorities.

The only magazine to address the agribusiness from a corporate angle.

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Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 13.019
Copies: 24.046


Mensalmente DINHEIRO RURAL revela e analisa as estratégias dos empresários que estão transformando o Brasil na maior potência agrícola do mundo, investiga as tendências do campo, as inovações tecnológicas do setor e as mais relevantes histórias de negócios. Completa, ainda apresenta matérias de finanças e de estilo ligadas ao mundo rural e a cobertura do milionário mundo dos leilões.

Available on print, web and tablet platforms.

The magazine that sees the automobile and the driver who`s inside it.

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Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 29.066
Copies: 49.813

Motor Show Magazine

MOTOR SHOW is a magazine for those who like, drive, buy and sell vehicles. Monthly, it fuels readers with practical and useful information about the world on wheels.

A tool in the reader’s hand, MOTOR SHOW publishes with exclusivity, the tables of prices of cars, motorcycles and trucks of Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (FIPE), main reference of the market for the whole country.

Affiliated to Quattroruote, the most important car magazine in the world, MOTOR SHOW has the right of using the content of the Italian publication.

Available on print, web and tablet platforms.

The magazine for those who transform the world and are transformed by it.

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Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 40.627
Copies: 46.515

PLANETA Magazine

Transformation is one of the key words of PLANETA.

Sustainability, technology, environmental matters and social responsibility have been incorporated into its content, that also presents monthly researches of UNESCO on heritage of mankind, education and science.

Available on web and tablet platforms.

The most sold enogastronomy magazine in Brazil.

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Frequency: Monthly
Circulation: 21.042
Copies: 26.838

MENU Magazine

Modern in its format and content, MENU brings intelligent and tasty information on the main chefs of the country and of the world, besides hot news and Culinary Cuisine, trends in wine and other beverages.

Harmonizing news, critique and recipes MENU also analyzes the best restaurants, kitchen acessories and culinary news, so that modern gourmets be always well-informed.

Available on web, mobile and tablet platforms.

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Frequency: Bimonthly

Select Magazine

A magazine that approaches luxury naturally.

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Frequency: Quarterly

ISTOÉ Platinum Magazine

Quarterly, ISTOÉ Platinum presents the newest, rarest and most expensive objects of desire. But it is not just about consumption. ISTOÉ Platinum brings technology, art, culture, tourism and fashion in a spontaneous and pleasant way, always highlighting what’s most up-to-date, modern and sophisticated in Brazil and around the world.