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We are Editora Três

Editorial independency is the core of the commitment we maintain with the Reader and that marks our mission in contributing to the development of a fairer and happier Brazil.
Caco Alzugaray, CEO of Editora Três



"Founded in 1972, Editora Três is famous for its strategy of seeking excellence for its products and leadership in the segments it covers. This model made Editora Três the third largest magazine publisher in the country. Although honored by the recognition, its restless and unsatisfied nature never stops to push itself toward its main goals: social development and leadership.

Editora Três publishes the weekly magazines: ISTO É, ISTO É DINHEIRO and ISTO É GENTE, the monthly PLANETA , MOTOR SHOW and DI NHEIRO RURA L, the bimonthly ISTO É PLATI NUM and also the magazine ISTO É 2016, whose periodicity will be quarterly in the first years moving to bimonthly and then monthly in 2016.

Pioneer in the digital integration of its content, Editora Três debuted in 1996 the website ISTOÉ Online, the first website of a weekly magazine of general interest in Brazil. Editora Três was also the first Brazilian publisher to make the integral content of its magazines avaible on the internet, free of charge. Today Editora Três counts on a complete digital plataform, involving websites with multimedia area (videos, music and podcasts), aplications for mobile, iPhone, iPod touch and SMS portals.

Editora Três also develops, supports and sponsors events that are points of reference in the market of readers and subscribers. Some top-of-mind are: Brazilian Of The Year, The Best of Dinheiro and The 50 Sexiest.


“Write every word, sell and distribute qualified printed and digital content with the aim of helping citizens become more prepared, critical and aware concerning the most relevant matters of our country, be they political, economic, social, environmental or behavioral. That is, to be an important tool for the development of a fairer and happier Brazil, informing an increasing number of people in a qualified and transparent way and also broadening the positive influence of our titles”.


Editora Três has a constant commitment to our readers. They trust the content of our publications and our mission is to preserve tis trust. It is through our magazines that our readers obtain information and form their opinions. That’s why the team of Editora Três has as its base principles: Editorial Independence, Courage, Daring, Combative Spirit, Hard Work, Optimism and Love for Brazil.


Brazilian of the Year

The event awards the Brazilians of the year and counts on the presence of political authorities, journalists and celebrities among other guests. ISTOÉ, ISTOÉ GENTE and ISTOÉ DINHEIRO elect five important personalities in their universe. Besides these honored guests, Editora três elects the Brazilian of the year, an eminent figure of the Brazilian society who has outstood in various aspects. In addition to each specific title, a special edition is elaborated in order to celebrate the event and istoÉ publishes in the following edition the event’s complete coverage.